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So, blog number 1 wasn’t so bad so here goes blog number 2. As before it’s a Saturday night (seems to be when I feel the most compelled to write) and I have a nice chilled glass of wine by my side.

This is the one to tell you all what a Virtual Assistant or VA actually is.

I have to say that as the job made perfect sense to me I was amazed to find out that many people just didn’t get it…when I got round to ‘announcing’ my new career path to family and friends I was presented with many blank faces and mutterings of  ‘that’s great but what does a Virtual Assistant actually do?’

The term ‘Virtual Assistant’ actually originated back in the 1990’s at a time when technology advancements made remote working possible. (Yes there was more to that decade than Dolly the cloned sheep, Boy Bands, HyperColour T-Shirts and Tamagotchis – which are unbelievably making a comeback). Now more than 20 years on where many people are starting up their own companies Virtual Assistants are fast becoming an essential add on to many businesses.

A VA is basically a Freelance PA, someone who can support your business without the requirement for equipment, desk space or legalities (such as holiday pay, sick pay or a pension). We are professional, highly trained administrators who can provide administration support to your business with little or no training can often start immediately and will work the hours you need.

The range of areas that Virtual Assistants cover is immense, we all have a can do attitude and have an extensive administration background meaning we can always find a solution to a problem. Wouldn’t you sleep better at night if you knew someone else was supporting your business? Don’t you want to concentrate on the essence of your business rather than the mountain of behind the scenes admin that has to take place to keep your company running.

So do you get it or are you still a bit, meuh, don’t understand? How about this quick synopsis of my skills to help?

I am a whizz with spreadsheets and CRM systems and love putting things in boxes. I can do your social media scheduling, copy and audio typing, invoicing, research, create new documents, book meetings, arrange travel and events, follow up with your prospect clients, maintain regular contact with your current client base and be a point of contact so you can actually go on holiday! I can make the home run better…plan a party, keep on top of the bills, unravel the family diary chaos and make sure cars are serviced and MOT’d on time. Basically I can make your life easier.

If you are still not sure but know that you need support for your business then get in touch. I offer an initial free, no obligation one hour consultation. So let’s have a chat and find out how I can help you.

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