Shiny object syndrome

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Shiny object syndrome

You know what it’s like, you see a Facebook post or receive an email, or someone on LinkedIn says you must do this and before you know it you’re clicking through and signing up to yet another email sequence on how to improve your business/life/home the list goes on.

Now I’m not saying that these essential pieces of information are no good, or don’t help but maybe before clicking and signing up you should ask yourself why?

Why am I doing this? Is it something I have thought about for a while and need help with? Why do I feel the desire that I must do this now? Is it because you had been searching for just that type of thing the other day?

If the answer to these questions is no then you have probably had an attack of the ‘shiny object syndrome’. You know the thing. You go into a shop for some toilet roll and before you know it you have bought yourself a whole new cutlery set, some fancy candle holders and a kitchen gadget that solves a problem you never thought you had! Do you really need another sequence of emails landing in your already overflowing inbox with more daily tasks to fit into a day that already is bulging at the seams?

We are all guilty of this, and I have fallen into the clutches of this thinking many a time. Most recently I signed up to a course on how to get leads from Pinterest…’brilliant’ I thought, this could be the answer. So I filled in the form, joined the Facebook group and waited for my first instruction. It was only a few days later that it dawned on me that I don’t even have a Pinterest account and while this might be a great way for some businesses to gain clients, the type of people I help don’t typically hang out on Pinterest (well not to my knowledge anyway) so I slowly slunk away feeling more than a little foolish.

Often we get lured into these scenarios because we need are looking for quick answers but do we really have the time? Often we are so busy working IN our business that we forget to work ON our business. However it is not always easy to take time out or away to really think about the direction our business is heading in, and whether this is what we wanted when we started out. There is so much to do, jobs to complete, jobs to quote for, jobs to invoice for, there is the inbox to keep on top of, the email marketing, the social media presence, maintaining the database, making appointments, confirming appointments the list is endless. So where in all that can we possibly stop and get off the never ending hamster wheel and think!

Actually the decision to stop the wheel is ours, we can carry on as we are or we can see that it is just not possible to do everything and that sometimes to move forward you have to stop, take stock and accept help. That help could be one of those training courses that you’ve come across which fills a specific gap in your knowledge or builds on something you already have to make it even better or it could be another pair of hands to take away some of the ongoing repetitive tasks or more likely it’s both.

Whatever you decide a Virtual Assistant can give you that freedom to work ON your business sometimes, while allowing you to continue to work IN your business when you want to.

So next time you start reaching for the ‘sign up’ button, think whether it’s really what you want now or is it just a shiny object to add to your collection and gather dust?

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