Personal virtual assistant

As a personal virtual assistant, I work to free up more of your time. If you find yourself struggling to squeeze everything in and spending an increasing amount of time on administration, I can help you get that time back.

Coming from a background in the luxury and financial sector, I am highly organised, efficient and proactive. I know how to complete work to meet with some incredibly high standards, and I transfer this into my work as a virtual assistant.

My services as a virtual assistant


I can help you with a number of services as a personal assistant. Here are some of the services I carry out for my clients with on a regular basis:

  • Party planning and booking
  • Holiday planning and booking
  • Itinerary creation
  • Event planning
  • General home administration:
    • Opening and sending post, scanning and emailing post where relevant
    • Organising utilities and paying bills
    • Insurance renewals
    • Booking MOTs and car servicing appointments

I fully appreciate that everyone has different demands and as such, I am completely flexible in my approach. If you require any services that are not mentioned above, please do not hesitate to contact me. I will be more than happy to find a way to meet your requirements.

Please call me on 07932 040454 or send an email to

My pricing packages

Prices are tailored to meet all project requirements. There is also the option to pay hourly for individual tasks

Pricing details

What makes me the perfect assistant for you?

As a virtual assistant with a vast amount of knowledge, I work with clients from many different walks of life. I can pick up tasks immediately, bringing order and organisation to your personal life.

My services are ideal for busy individuals who find that there just aren’t enough hours in the day. Here are some of the reasons why we should work together:

I complete tasks efficiently and prioritise effectively,

ensuring I always meet the deadlines we agree.

My services support you in your personal life,

making your job list easier to manage.

I’m highly organised and provide a methodical,

analytical approach to all tasks.

By multitasking and adapting my approach to

suit you, I work to achieve excellent outcomes.

Whatever you need, I am here to help. From planning a party to organising an itinerary, I will give you back those important extra hours in the day.