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The Why

Write a blog…write a blog…write a blog….it’s all that’s been going round in my mind for the past few weeks which is why I now find myself writing this at gone 10 o’clock (with my favourite tipple, Gin Martini, nearby) on a Saturday night having decided that I should just JFDI!

So the idea of becoming a VA was actually first mentioned to me by my husband a couple of years ago but at the time I was working part time in London, had one child just starting school and a smaller one at home and didn’t feel I had any room to take on anything else. Fast forward to last September and having had one year with both children in school and enjoying being a ‘lady that lunches’ on my days off (yes still working part time in London) I decided that now was the time to do something for me.

Having never made a conscious career decision since I joined the John Lewis Management training scheme at aged 18 I did lots and lots of google type research, flitted between ‘this is the best thing ever’ to ‘oh dear god what am I thinking’, and kept my new idea to myself for a whole month for fear of someone talking me out of it.

I have worked for the past 15 years in Admin and Business support roles so I knew I had the skills required, however, I had never before considered working for myself to be an option so had no idea where to start. This is where the excessive googling paid off as I had come across a plethora (love that I can get that word in) of courses that help you set up your VA business, I picked the one that I felt suited me and….did nothing for a while.

Then I decided that I couldn’t just ignore it, I needed more, I wanted to learn, push myself, get outside my comfort zone, widen my circle, all those terrible clichéd terms suddenly applied to me.  So armed with my folder of research and reasons I took a deep breath and put my idea to my husband, together with the actual amount of pennies it would cost for me to do this.  I was lucky he was (and continues to be) hugely supportive and in many ways often has much more confidence in me being a success than I do.

So there you have it, seems like I can make a living out of having an extremely logical problem solving brain with an obsessive need to organise. I now have skills I would never have developed if I stayed where I was and keep learning every day. I love meeting new people, finding new ways of working as well as providing the support and peace of mind that busy business owners need to make what they do a success, and most importantly I can do this around my family giving them the time and support they need from me.

I LOVE what I do…can you say the same? If the answer is no, maybe I can help? Maybe I can take on some of the tasks you don’t like doing or don’t have time for, maybe I can make your life easier and in doing so let you enjoy the business you chose. After all I chose mine and wouldn’t have my life any other way!

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Kate Mellor Virtual Assistant