About Kate Mellor Virtual Assistant

I’m Kate Mellor, a virtual assistant with experience dating back to 2002. I have a thorough understanding of my industry and know what my clients need, allowing me to offer a range of services that can support businesses and individuals.

Coming from a background in the financial and luxury sectors, I have always worked to very high standards. Meeting deadlines is second nature to me and I apply the same organised approach to every task I undertake.

My services

Business VA

Make use of my skills to help support your business.

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Personal VA

Use my services to free up time in your personal life.

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Why choose me as your virtual assistant?

I am happy to work flexibly and provide solutions in a range of areas. This is why I am your ideal virtual assistant:

I can work remotely, so space is never an issue.

Alternatively, I can work on site if you

need me for a specific project.

As a naturally organised and methodical person,

I always meet deadlines and

complete work to a high standard.

I take care of the tasks you simply can’t accommodate.

My support frees up your time,

so you can direct your focus elsewhere.

My knowledge makes future tasks easier.

I can streamline processes and improve

workflows to give you back valuable time.

I can carry out tasks for you as and when they arise, or I can work on longer term projects to support their progress. I also offer a monthly retainer for clients who require a set number of hours. This is completely flexible, allowing you to purchase as many hours as you need. When you choose a retainer package, your work will take priority.



Flexible virtual assistant services that work around your home and business life

Here are some of the ways in which I can help you:

  • Carrying out general admin tasks
  • Improving efficiencies
  • Freeing up your time
  • Creating new processes
  • Supporting your day to day life
  • Relieving stress and pressure
  • Creating order and organisation

Working remotely and independently, I have the freedom to be completely flexible. If you would like any services in addition to the ones I have mentioned, I will always try my best to accommodate you.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you would like to discuss my services further. I will be very happy to find a way to help.

Please call me on 07932 040454 or send an email to .